Helium Fall Leaves Bubble Balloon – 22″, 1 pc.



NEW Longer Lasting Balloon for Outdoors! Stays up for 4 days or longer! This 22″ Fall Leaves Balloon is clear and decorated with beautiful colored leaves! Made of a tough Latex/Mylar material, holds helium longer and can withstand the weather. Is SELF SEALING and comes with an attached ribbon! The fall leaves cover around the balloon and can be displayed with any color of balloons to make a fun balloon display!

BALLOON FACTS! Larger balloons fly longer. Latex is porous and the helium slowly escapes, but with this balloon the Fall Leaves Balloon the helium will last longer due to the mylar material mixed with the latex. With being a larger balloon it will maintain more helium for a longer period of time. Using a larger balloon at the top of a balloon column where smaller balloons are attached underneath will help the entire section fly longer than the smaller balloons by themselves. On hot summer days with high humidity, balloon flight time is reduced, sometimes to almost half the time. Purchase larger balloons if these conditions exist in order to get the longest flight time possible. Do not over inflate balloons. They should appear round and not pear-shaped. The following are average flight times based on size. Actual flying times may vary depending on temperature and atmospheric conditions. 14” – 26 to 30 Hours 16” – 30+ Hours 17″ – 35 to 50 Hours 3 Foot – 3 to 5 Days 22″ – 4-6 days

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 48 in

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