Primo Category DuraBalloon Air-Filled Balloons
Economy Category BalloonBobber Air-Filled Balloons
Interior Category PermaShine Air-Filled Balloons
Helium Category Balloons On A Stick
DuraBalloon Purple




18″ x 18″

Compressed/Cone Tip

$9.98 Each

BalloonBobber Yellow




17″ x 16″

Pump/Cone Tip

$6.98 Each

PermaShine Red




9″ x 12″ | 9″ x 13″ | 30″ x 30″

Compressed/Needle Tip

$2.98 Each

Helium Balloon Blue

Helium Balloons



Depends On Helium Level

Helium Tank


COLORS: Totally Customizable


DuraBalloon Cluster Pole KitDura Cluster Pole Kit Apartments

DuraBalloon Cluster Pole Kit


The Cluster Pole Kit is perfect for BIG attention! It is a residential housing industry favorite! DuraBalloon® means you never have saggy or deflated balloons but you do have the most weather-proof and durable helium-free balloon system in the world!

Select FIVE balloon colors, included.

Dura 4 Pack Light Pole KitDura Light Pole Kit

DuraBalloons 4-Pack Light Pole Kits


Add maximum attention to your property from all angles! The 4-Pack saves you money and delivers maximum visibility. Create multiple levels of balloon action up the pole if desired.

Select FOUR balloon colors, included.

PermaShine Tower KitPermaShine Tower Kit

PermaShine 7-Ft. Tower Display


The floor mounted via weighted base 7′ tall kit creates floor-level excitement anywhere it is placed. It is great for making entrances and presentation areas extra special!

Please specify the colors you would like when ordering.

360Five Flags 360 Rotation Kit360Five Flags 360 Rotation Kit

360Five Flags 360 Rotation Kit


The 360Five Ground Flags are perfect for getting your custom message across. Wheather it is your company logo or tagline, a seasonal scene, or simply saying “Welcome,” you will be covered! The assembly is a snap and will last through the season.

PermaShine Triple Table Top Balloon DisplayPermaShine Triple Table Top Balloon Display

PermaShine Triple Table Top Balloon Display


PermaShine Triple Table Top Balloon Display – Counter or table decoration, table centerpieces, reception desks, display cases, holiday or celebratory purposes and POP advertising.

Select THREE balloon colors, included.



  • Premium Quality Air-Filled Exterior Products
  • Best Quality & USA Components
  • Tough & Internally Seamless
  • Extreme Cold & Wind + Anti-Sag
  • Weather Resistant
  • Round Shape


  • Standard Quality Air-Filled Exterior Products
  • Most Economical Pricing
  • Warmer Climate Use
  • Not Recommended for Extreme Cold
  • Oval Balloon Shape


  • Brilliant Air-Filled Interior Products
  • Maintains Shine & Color
  • Round Shape
  • Lasts for Months
  • Always Looks Fresh

Balloon Sticks

  • Patented Sticks for Helium
  • 3′ Iron Sticks Step Into Ground or Flower Pots
  • Withstands Weather & Winds
  • Versatile for Helium Balloon
  • Use With Exterior Latex Balloons


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