What are BalloonBobbers, DuraBalloons and PermaShine products?

An ingenious new balloon product that looks like traditional helium-filled balloons but are in fact a unique air-filled vinyl supported by flexible fiberglass lightweight rods. They are reusable and achieve maximum attention without the helium and on-going expense. They always look fresh and are durable. BalloonBobbers, DuraBalloons and the PermaShine products come in variety of clusters, arrangements, singles and a wide variety of options.

How long do air-filled vinyl balloons last?

The BalloonBobber, DuraBalloon Exterior or PermaShine Interior balloons will not pop unless punctured. However, over time some balloon colors (like red) will fade a little. Normally you can expect 3-5 months before any fading is noticeable on BalloonBobber products but this is dependent on exposure and intensity of the sun. DuraBalloon is more durable in extreme weather, wind and sun. They may last even years. They will stay shiny as long as the surface is relatively clean. It is suggested balloons be replaced every 6 to 8 months of continual use because dirt eventually reduces their shine. Changing colors with the season or events also keeps your balloons fresh and dynamic!

Do BalloonBobbers, DuraBalloons and PermaShine really save money over traditional balloons?

Yep! A 17″ helium balloon now costs, in most areas, over $1 to inflate after all costs and taxes are tallied up and only floats for a few hours. Therefore, most of our air-filled products would be paid off in just 2-3 weeks! There is less time and hassle because you don’t fill them and arrange them daily. And… you can keep using them long after by only replacing the balloons for different color options.

Why pay for this when I can tie balloons to signs or a fence?

Until now, many businesses have tied balloons to signs, fences, lampposts and expensive property signs. However, excessive strings and ribbons pile up and create an eyesore. In addition, the sun can bake the balloon latex and color dyes into whatever you tie them to, damaging expensive property. All Balloons On A Stick product collections are exclusively made for balloon display and you can place them anywhere they are needed! We have a huge variety of both air-filled and helium balloon products that enhance your event or business both inside and out!

How many balloon products should I order per business?

BalloonBobber or DuraBalloon air-filled products can be purchased in multiples to draw attention to a certain area, office or entrance. It is suggested two clusters at least be purchased. Add more to guide traffic to your door or add cluster light pole kits on several poles. Bring the fun indoors with PermaShine interior air-filled balloons with columns, table arrangements and ceiling drops.

If using traditional helium balloons, It is suggested a total of six Balloons On A Stick stakes be used or two orders per customer. However, more balloons and sticks create excitement and dramatic impact. If a business has a large amount of frontage or you want to guide customers to an otherwise hidden entrance, use more!

Who can benefit from Balloons On A Stick?

Anyone or any business wanting to attract customers and traffic. This includes apartment homes, realtors, auto dealers, and real estate developments. Events include grand openings, sale events, parties, fundraisers, open houses, community gatherings and more! You can even use them for a home party or event.

What do you fill the BalloonBobber, DuraBalloons and PermaShine balloons with?

Because a fiberglass rod supports the balloons no helium is required. You may use one of our air pumps or simply inflate by mouth. Do not use helium, as it is a very active gas and will escape thru the vinyl over time causing a saggy look.

What is the best way to arrange a grouping of air-filled Bobbers, Duras or helium Balloons on A Stick ?

The most dramatic looks can be achieved when you group them together. You can group them in threes, space them 5 to 6 feet apart, line a sidewalk or strategically arrange them to direct traffic. For more innovative design ideas, see or GALLERY page.

What is PermaShine?

PermaShine is our unique interior air-filled balloon products dynamically designed for inside use. These are also a vinyl product but are shiny and made to last with air instead of expensive helium. Just like our exterior Dura and Bobbers, they last for months without re-filling. They look bright without fading or drooping. They look like traditional balloons but better. Products include columns, ceiling drops, table stand displays and more!

How do I place an order?

Hover over the item with your cursor. Then click “DETAILS” or “ADD TO CART”. Select quantity either after detail review or directly in the cart. Complete payment by using a wide variety of credit cards or your Pay Pal account. Your order will immediately be sent to your door! Or call 1.866.66B.STIX for more payment options. Your order will be shipped after payment is received.

What is a Balloons On A Stick?

A unique lightweight iron stake design with a signature loop that quickly steps into the ground with foot pressure. Balloons are tied to the loop and can be displayed in groupings anywhere there is irrigated soil or even in a large potted plant.

How does Balloons On A Stick work?

Easily placed into the ground with a distinctive angled end design, Balloons On A Stick can be used to stick balloons anywhere you want them. Impressive when used in groupings, the movement and color of balloons add impact and attract attention.

How many balloons will one Ballon On A Stick hold?

The BalloonBobber and DuraBalloon products are designed to hold pre-set air-filled balloons specifically made for each kit while single poles hold one each and can be used in multiples.

Does Balloons On A Stick have other purposes?

Its main purpose is balloons. However, you can string holiday lights through its loops, tie other inflatables or even streamers. The benefit is you can change colors, add different types of balloons, utilize lights, add ribbons, place them around signage, add balloon swags, etc… The possibilities are endless! See our GALLERY for more ideas!

What is the projected lifetime of a stick?

It is suggested sticks be pulled up after a few days of use and stored. Take care of sticks by wiping excess dirt off the stake ends and cut off string, line and ribbons. Balloons On A Stick has a baked-on powder coat finish and is made of durable lightweight iron so they should last many years depending on usage and care. However, after normal usage and the effects of natural elements, we suggest you replace them every two to three years.

How should I tie my balloons to the STICK loop?

There are many materials for tying inflatables. A simple double square knot should work on cord or ribbon. If you are using acrylic line, utilize a fishing knot by pulling the line through the stick’s loop then wrapping the end of the line around the main line (leading up to the balloons) several times and then pull the end line through the line loop created. Tighten and even slide the excess line down when pulling.

What is BOAS’s return/exchange policy?

All products on BalloonsOnAStick.com are covered under a standard 30-day replacement/return policy, unless otherwise specifically stated in the products description. All items are subject to review by Balloons On A Stick to determine the possibility of non-replaceable returns due to outside influences such as vandalism or excessive wear. Return/Exchange shipments to Balloons On A Stick shall be paid by the purchasing party. If you have any questions, concerns or special circumstances, please e-mail Julie Rodriguez or call 817.258.5870.


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