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Dura Deluxe Short Pole KitDura Deluxe Short Pole Kit Specs

DuraBalloon Deluxe Short Pole


The Deluxe Short Pole Kit is one of the most popular kits offered and easiest to install! “Deluxe” means it has an included Ground Kit for mounting in landscape applications.

Select balloon color, included.

Dura Light Pole Single Kit 1Dura Light Pole Single Kit 2

DuraBalloon Light Pole Single Kit


Includes: (1) DuraBalloon® in any color, (1) Upper Holding Cup, (1) 41” Flexible Fiberglass Stem with Security Screw, (1) Light Pole Bracket, (2) 10″ Band Clamps

Select balloon color, included.

BalloonBobber Long Pole KitBalloonBobber Long Pole Kit Spec 1

BalloonBobber Deluxe Long Pole Kit


Get your property noticed with balloon visibility at over 8′ tall! This kit includes a 48″ black aluminum pole, a 35″ fiberglass stem, a ground mounting kit, and reusable vinyl balloon.

Select balloon color, included.

PermaShine 6 Balloon Bud KitPermaShine 6 Balloon Bud Kit

PermaShine 6 Balloon Bud Ceiling Kit


This attractive cluster ceiling drop holds 6 PermaShine® balloons together on a centralized, clear manifold. Adding these to a ceiling makes your interiors magical. Combine with floor balloon columns for even more impact!

Please specify the colors you would like when ordering.

Universal Weighted Base

Universal Weighted Base for Balloons


Do you need to set-up your Pole Kit on concrete or any other hard surface? Just fill this 18″ X 17″X 5″ base with sand from your local hardware store (or elsewhere) and insert the bottom of the pole into its easy central clamping device.

PermaShine Triple Table Top Balloon DisplayPermaShine Triple Table Top Balloon Display

PermaShine Triple Table Top Balloon Display


PermaShine Triple Table Top Balloon Display – Counter or table decoration, table centerpieces, reception desks, display cases, holiday or celebratory purposes and POP advertising.

Select THREE balloon colors, included.

BalloonBobber Vertical Bracket Kit 1BalloonBobber Vertical Bracket Kit 2

Balloon Bobber Vertical Bracket Kit


Includes: (1) 17″ BalloonBobber® Balloon in any color, (1) Upper Holding Cup, (1) Threaded Button, (1) 41″ Flexible Fiberglass Stem with Security Screw, (1) Vertical Bracket, (2) Bracket Screws

Select balloon color, included.