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Dura Mega Ground Pole Kit DealershipDura Mega Ground Pole Kit Dealership

DuraBalloon Mega Ground Pole Kit


Includes: (1) 30″ Mega Balloon in any color, (1) Mega Upper Holding Cup and Screw Plug, (1) 48″ Fiberglass Mega Stem with Security Screw, (1) 48″ Aluminum Mega Pole, (1) MegaPlate Kit with Stake for Mounting

Select balloon color, included.

Dura Mega Banded Pole KitDura Mega Banded Pole Kit Spec

DuraBalloon Mega Banded Pole Kit


If you didn’t think the DuraBalloon® could get any better, try this one for size: At 30″ wide, this balloon draws MEGA attention from as far as the eye can see!

Select balloon color, included.

PermaShine 12 Balloon Cluster Ceiling KitPermaShine 12 Balloon Cluster Ceiling Kit

PermaShine 12 Balloon Cluster Ceiling Kit


This attractive cluster holds 12 PermaShine® 12″ balloons together on a centralized, clear manifold. PermaShine® balloons are made of elastic plastic with no internal seams which means they look just like newly inflated and brilliant conventional latex balloons, but will last for years!

Please specify the colors you would like when ordering.

BalloonBobber Weighted Long Pole 1BalloonBobber Weighted Long Pole 2

BalloonBobber Weighted Long Pole Kit


Get your property noticed with balloon visibility at over 8′ tall! This kit includes a 48″ black aluminum pole, a 35″ fiberglass stem, a weighted base stand, and reusable vinyl balloon.

Select balloon color, included.