BalloonBobber Balloon Colors


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– If inflating in a warm indoor environment and using in a colder outdoor environment you may need to top the balloon off with more air while outside. A BalloonBobber® balloon should be inflated tight just past the point where wrinkles are no longer visible along the seams.
– In extreme climates, please consider the DuraBalloon® line.

*Please note that kit does NOT include Inflator/Deflator.

Additional information

Bobber Color 1

American Flag, Black Checkered, Blue, Blue Checkered, Blue Sale, Burgundy, Dark Blue, Gold, Green, Light Blue, Lime, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Red Checkered, Red Sale, Silver, Smiley Bob, Teal, White, White Sale w/ Blue Text, White Sale w/ Red Text, Yellow, Yellow Sale

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